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Current Winter Leagues


- Golden Age

- Marine Corps


- Tuesday Fun

- Guilford School

- Lincoln Mixed League

- Lincoln Industrial


- Skittlebugs

- Wednesday Morning League 60+

- Home School

- Wed. Night Mens

- Lincoln Ladies


- Fifty Plus Fun League

- Inter Church League


- Guilford School

- Friday Night Mixed


- Saturday Youth League

- Bantams

- Junior

- Lazer Bowl

Step 1. Write down your league access code from the following list:
Marine League's code is 15310
Lincoln Industrial's code is 15322
Golden Age's code is 15319
Wednesday Men's code is 16247
Inter-Church League's code is 15337
Tuesday Fun League's code is 15323
Friday Night Mix code is 15339
Lincoln Lanes JR's and Major's code is 15341
Lincoln Lanes Bantam's code is 15340
Fifty Plus Mixed League's code is 15333
Wednesday Night Ladies code is 15332
Skittlebugs code is 15331
Wednesday Morning League is 16248
Tuesday Night Mixed code is 15324

Step 2. Click on the link below:;jsessionid=B6ACDEB771A3F96A3B421DD2CDA907BF.node1

Step 3. Input your code in the field that reads League Standing Sheet ID#, and click on the search button.

Step 4. On the right under week selection, select which week you would like to view and then click on view standings sheet